The two types of engagement models

Each and every firm that provides remote product engineering services operates according to either the waterfall or agile development methodology. The methodology in turn dictates the overall firm’s preferred engagement model.

Practically though, the advent of agile has rendered the waterfall methodology outdated, for reasons you will learn soon. Agile is now the gold standard, while waterfall is firmly a relic of the past.


Typically, teams that follow the waterfall methodology would spend a long time developing what they ‘think’ the client wants, but very often they end up missing the mark due to the lack of any feedback or two-way communication in the interim. This is a very common occurrence in complex projects, and by the time both parties realise something is amiss, a lot of time and money has already been spent. In contrast, the agile methodology requires that projects, no matter how complex, be broken into smaller parts, so that they can be gradually perfected over short, and often two to three week long cycles. These short ‘project cycles’ also ensure that if the service provider strays down the wrong path, the client can notice it quickly.

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